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Who Is Geronimo Miranda?

He has been doing real estate for the past four years with an emphasis on helping residents across NYC find the best deal. 


In the previous four years alone, I have helped hundreds of clients from various industries. 


This is what I am passionate about.


Clients that I have worked with secure their new homes in less than seven days on average. (Some of those clients are listed in my references below!)


Check out my Google Reviews


Marlon Martinez

So fortunate to have found these guys when I moved here. As my Realtor, they helped me find the right place in the right neighborhood for the right price. They were always on my side working to make my purchase as simple and successful as possible. The best part about working with them was that they were always more focused on answering my questions, giving me good advice, and finding homes that met my needs than he was on closing a deal.


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I usually never leave reviews but I‘ve never had a better experience, being taken care of by Geronimo and his team was amazing I have to say it! Definitely will recommend to all my friends and family.


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James Carr

Pet friendly buildings with amenities was a must for me FiDi’s options seemed unlimited. Had to pay a broker fee but it was worth every penny.


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Devin Wright

Due to covid-19 I was laid off my job and could no longer afford my former apartment. ROS helped me find a tenant to sub-lease my place and found me an affordable room uptown. Thank you!


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Ready to find a new home?

Step #1

Find an Amazing Broker

Step #3

Tour Apartments

We will visit and view apartments matched for you.


With years of NYC experience,

I am your guide

Step #2

Prepare and organize

your Documents

Last two years' tax returns 2 most recent pay stubs Most recent Bank statement State issued ID, Drivers license or Passport *All Documents must be submitted as a PDF or Google Drive*

Step #4

Sign Lease, complete payments,

Pick up keys!

Timeframe Applying to get approved: 1 - 5 Business days Up-front Move-in breakdown: (Approximately from my experience) Rent: One month's rent Security deposit = One month's rent Broker fee = 1 month - 15% of the annual rent Application fee = $20

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